Wild Calling Western Plains Stampede – Salmon/Sweet Potato – 4.75 lb


Wild Calling Western Plains Stampede Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe

We can’t stay nutrition this just right a secret. And now the cat’s out of the bag. Introducing the wildest dry cat food in captivity.

In the wild, that is what cats would eat. Salmon. If they were fortunate enough to catch one, that may be. Takes numerous patience. You’ve got to sit down by the stream’s edge for hours, and act disinterested. After which, straight away, you strike like lightning. However the salmon still gets away. Finally, it’s a fish story. Yep. Your cat’s probabilities of landing a fat, juicy salmon are narrow to none. However now, you’ll throw a wild dinner birthday party in your cat, with salmon at the menu! Sounds lovely upscale. Your cat might wish to invite buddies over, it’s simply that roughly meal. “Hey, I’m having salmon tonight,” your cat brags. “What are you having?” Most often, the solution from different, disheartened cats is, “I don’t in point of fact know. Smells like one thing with chicken fat. Again.”


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