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Let Your Pet Heal in Comfot
Soft and Sturdy
Fun Prints and Colors

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Let your pet heal in comfort with the “World’s Absolute best E-Collar”. Designed and developed by a veterinarian. Made in america, our e-collar is made with 1/4″ foam sandwiched between nylon and polyester fabrics. It has a built in collar with a draw cord for adjustment so there’s no wish to weave the pet collar through tabs. It may be cleaned with a cloth and will give your pet years of wear. It may be folded back at the same time as eating and drinking or when checking wounds.

The “World’s Absolute best E-Collar”: After all a solution for the age old problem of the best way to let your pet heal in comfort. Until now your only choices for an E-collar were either a flimsy in poor health-fitting soft collar or an uncomfortable e-collar made from hard plastic.

The soft collar is a brilliant idea, then again they have a tendency to be flimsy and your pet can get to the area that you’re trying to offer protection to. The hard cone works well, but offers no comfort.

Our “World’s Absolute best E-Collar” fills the desire for both comfort and security. It’s made the use of foam that may be soft but rigid enough to carry its shape and prevent your pet from getting to its wound. It is available in a couple of colors and an assortment of FUN prints to suit your pet’s fashion sense. Me offer essentially the most sizes of any person, so you might be sure to search out the very best fit in your pet.
Let Your Pet Heal in Comfot
Soft and Sturdy
Fun Prints and Colors
Designed by a Veterinarian
Made in america


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