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Tips for Travelling with Pets

Do you consider pets as an important part of your life? Are you planning to travel around with your furry friends? If yes, you should prepare your little friend for the trip. Travelling with pets is an interesting journey. However, it can become a big challenge, if you don’t stick onto the following checklist.

Using Identification Tags

Regardless of how far or close the journey is – you must outfit your furry friend with identification tags. These tags will be very useful, if your pet is separated from you. The identification tag will make sure the little one comes back to you. Remember to include you contact number and name on the identification tag.

Train Your Pets

Pets should be trained for travel when they are young. There are plenty of tutorials and articles on how to train your furry buddies. Train your pets on how to stay calm. Also, make sure they respond to all your commands. If you have several pets, train them individually.

Just because your pet knows how to behave, you shouldn’t let them roam around freely. Just like kids, pets are likely to be injured by sudden movements. To keep them safe, you should harness or crate the animal. This is one of the best ways to keep them safe and avoid unnecessary trouble. There are several different types of crates for pets. The best carriers for pets are made of fabric. However, plastic carriers are very durable. If you want your pet to be safe, you should buy a plastic carrier. These carriers are safe for different modes of travel (air, sea or road).

Sedate Your Pet

Sometimes, it is wise to sedate your pet. Even the bravest animal can feel threatened in moving vehicles. This is why you should medicate them before travelling. Talk to your veterinary doctor and choose the best (safest) medication for your furry animal. Likewise, carry a first aid kit for your pet. This includes details of their current medications and records. Don’t forget to include a gauze, few bandages and chemicals like hydrogen peroxide.

Be Prepared!

You may come across many unexpected delays and turns during the journey. This is why you must have extra food for your pets. A delay in your journey may keep your furry friend starving. So, think twice and be prepared for the unexpected!

Finally, you should be vigilant. Understand your pet and check how they respond to different stimuli.

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