What’s the deal with grain free dog food?

Grain free and even wheat free diets have been popular for their health benefits with people for quit some time now. There are gluten free options at almost every major restaurant and certainly all chain establishments across the country. Many people say they feel better and are able to absorb more nutrients with this type of diet. So how does this translate to your pet?

First off we should explain what grain free pet food is all about. Grain is a filler commonly used in even the more high end dog food brands. They will advertise that their main ingredients are meat but still have a good deal of grain in them. Just because you are spending more money on the food and it has a few more higher end ingredients does not necessarily mean it is the best option for your pet.

So what are the benefits of grain free dog food? Most dogs do not gain any benefit from eating the grain and often need to eat more of this type of food to feel full. Grain free food is protein packed and tends to be more filling. So even though grain free pet food is often more expensive your do will likely need less food to be healthy.

In conclusion, its always best to consult your vet for a more scientific approach to your pet feed but in general grain free pet food is a better option as it contains more protein and less filler.

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